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Dahua Technology is a global smart IoT solution and service provider providing video-centric solutions to end-to-end security systems for city operations, corporate management, and consumers.  Dahua suppliers in Qatar currently provides technology solutions, products, and services to more than 180 countries and regions worldwide and has a team strength of more than 1600 to deploy incomparable quality security systems. 

As the authorized dealer of Dahua with a decade of experience in security system solutions in Qatar, Carecom brings you an advanced range of security systems products based on your requirements without comprising an inch on the quality of installation and maintenance service for our esteemed clients. In addition, they also give you the chance to customize and integrate the solutions. 

The state of Qatar, as it is going to host the greatest sports event in the world, Fifa Worldcup 2022, requires to put its security in place for both the residents and the countless amount of attendees of the world cup 2022!

Over the years, Dahua products rose to be the trustworthy technology service provider for public security, traffic, retail, banking, energy, etc. 

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Dahua Technology Products that We Offer 

Dahua PTZ Cameras

Dahua PTZ cameras or pant-tilt-zoon cameras are built with mechanical parts that allow them to swivel left to right, tilt up and down, and zoom in and out of a scene. This makes it the best surveillance solution for government bodies where basic surveillance will not suffice. PTZ cameras are safe from explosions and give you maximum coverage and visibility, and they can be installed in any environment as they resist corrosion as well.

Dahua Thermal Cameras

Thermal Cameras are a big necessity in middle east regions like Qatar due to the extreme temperature in the summer season. Thermal cameras are built in a way to withstand this condition, and it also is the best option for coverage in darkness, and they doesnt require a light source to function. Overall, Dahua thermal camera is ideal for the protection of high-risk facilities with little light and high-temperature rise.

Dahua Video Intercom:

Intercom makes the operation of any business more efficient with the ability to communicate seamlessly with the rest of the team. It can be installed at the entrance of your house, office, or any building as a lineup to manage calls and access by the owners and visitors. It serves the purpose of security and privacy in addition to communication.

Data Access Control and Time Attendance:

Access Control and Time Attendance systems are chosen by more businesses in Qatar now as it helps put the operating system in place and help manage the team with ease even when you are managing remotely. It adds to the security of access points which are crucial for the safety of the company. It limits the access of employees with access only, thereby eliminating any unauthorized access.




Dahua Network Recorder:

Network Recorder or network video recorders are an extremely great choice for video surveillance of your building or premises with the help of your computer. The software will be embedded with your computer for recording video footage. Dhua provides multiple ranges of products to choose from based on your required output and the quality of the video.

Dahua Security Screening:

Security screening solutions have transformed themselves with time, from metal detectors to modern screening systems that show the full image of the person of the thing as complete imagery to the authority. It is the most vital for premises such as airports, government offices, commercial buildings such as hypermarkets, or any other place that requires higher security. Security screening could help prevent the entering the area with any objects that put the safety of people at threat, such as explosive materials or weapons.

Data Transmission:

Dahua technology products are designed to bring video-centric surveillance solutions to you. Unlike traditional data communication networks, data IP CCTV network solutions are high performing.

Dahua Storage + Mobile & Traffic:

Dahua suppliers in Qatar offers the best range of storage solutions with its Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) that are currently being used in multiple countries across the world. The data are exchanged safely and securely with traffic enforcement, traffic signal control, entrance and exit, parking, and other softwares and accessories.

Dahua Display & Control:

As your video-centric surveillance solutions provider, Dahua has managed to maintain its reputation by providing cutting-edge display and control solutions for various industries for both security and commercial applications.

Dahua Video Conferencing:

Data is focused on bringing innovative products for impeccable video conferencing. The team of Dahua is working on bringing out the best audio and video conferencing systems and will provide a full range of products and services. These functions over a wide range of areas and help operate as security systems, online educational systems, and all sorts of telecommunications.

Dahua Accessories:

With incomparable experience and expertise in the video surveillance field, Dahua makes accessories with great precision for the best results. They give you a complete accessory range for the supply, installation, and optimized performance of the surveillance system products. Dahua understands why the accessories might seem small but are extremely vital for the performance of each product.

Why Choose Carecom as Authorized Dahua

Dealer in Qatar?


MOI Approved

Our Access control and Attendance systems follow MOI Qatar approved mandatory rules and instructions while installing Access control and Attendance systems for your offices in Qatar.


Improved Security

Our certified engineers, specialists, and technicians offer you the best professional Access Control & Attendance Systems ensuring maximum security for your Office. Access Controls let you keep a track of your employees’ check-in and checkout timing.



Make your workspaces efficient with Access Control and Attendance Systems automation with superior quality from Al Qimma within a constrained budget.


Advanced Technology

We use advanced technology methods in our Access Control and Attendance Systems. This makes us the obvious choice in Access Control and Attendance systems service providers in Qatar.


24x7 Customer Support

Our Customer service team will stay connected with you before, during, and after the installation of your Access Control and Attendance Systems. You can enquire about the supply, installation, and maintenance with us 24×7 a week.



We promise a standard warranty period on all our Access Control and Attendance systems to ensure quality control and 100% customer satisfaction. Keep track of your employees login with the best Access Control systems provider in Qatar, Al Qimma Security Systems!

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