Supply & Installations of HDPE Liner

We provide versatile HDPE materials for various purposes such as road lines, landfills, containment projects etc. Low cost and excellent UV & chemical resistance make our HDPE Liners, the best in Qatar.

Our HDPE liners are highly beneficial and widely used because of their manifold features such as higher stability, long term durability without compromising the performance. The durability ensures no or little maintenance once it is installed.

The safety and water-resistant factors of HDPE liners make it customers favourite in Qatar.

Get the best HDPE liners in Qatar from us with superior quality high performance and budget-friendly.

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Why choose us as your HDPE Liner provider in Qatar?


Excellent Chemical Resistance

Our HDPE Liners possess high chemical resistance making them excellent for multi-purposes due to their great durability and strength.


Versatile Application

These HDPE Liners can be used for various purposes such as road lining, the base of landfills, water contaminants, etc.


Economically Feasible

We provide excellent HDPE Liner installation services that are cost-effective and suitable for a very long period without worrying about damage or replacements of Liners.


Free Consultation

Our team of trained professionals will provide you with a free consultation session about everything you need to know about HDPE Liners based on your requirement under your budget.


24x7 Customer Support

Our Customer service team will stay connected with you before, during, and after the installation of your HDPE Liners You can enquire about the supply, installation, and maintenance with us 24×7 a week.



We promise a warranty period of 2 years on all our HDPE Liners to ensure quality control and 100% customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the life expectancy of HDPE liners?

It is dependent upon the environment in which it is installed.

2. Can liners be exposed to sunlight for an extended period of time?

Yes, liners can be exposed to sunlight for an extended period of time.

3. What is the temperature range for HDPE liners?

160º F through -40º F

4. Do your HDPI liners comply with the rules and regulations of the Qatar government?

Yes. Our HDPE liners follow all the rules and regulations put forward by the government of Qatar.

5. Do you provide warranty for your HDPE liners?

Yes. We provide a warranty period of 2 years for all our products including HDPE liners.

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