About Us

Carecom ELV System Integrators and Al Qimma Security Systems were founded a decade ago under the parent company Care n Cure group of companies. We are sister concerns works together to cater for the rising needs for ELV systems, HDPE Lining Piping, Civil Maintenance projects in Qatar.

Carecom ELV systems integrators provide you with safe and secure Fire alarm systems and Fire fighting systems approved by the Qatar Civil Defence Department, State of Qatar.


Our Clientele

Industries We Cater To

Fire Fighting Sectors

With over a decade of experience in providing safe and secure fire fighting system services, we have marked our prominent presence in and around the State of Qatar. We provide purpose-built Fire alarms & Fire fighting systems for business warehouses , commercial property, apartment building etc. with all required safety and security to protect property and lives of people in your company as per the norms of Qatar Civil Defence Department.

Extra Low Voltage (ELV) Sectors

Extra Low Voltage includes all the systems in the building which operate on low voltages like telephone, data, LAN, CCTV, fire alarm, public address access control and master clock systems etc. Avail advanced technology integrated ELV systems design, supply, installation and maintenance services in Qatar from our expert team of highly skilled and certified engineers and technicians.

HDPE in Oil & Gas, Infra Sectors

We are the trusted partner for your supply and installation of HDPE Liner and HDPE piping requirements in Qatar. We supply and install high integrity and cost-effective HDPE liner systems and Geomembrane liners for pipeline rehabilitation and protection from corrosion and rusting using the best machineries and equipments with tight liner and loose liner technology.

Civil Maintenance Sectors

We offer comprehensive civil Engineering and maintenance services for industrial areas, sports facilities, education cities, commercial buildings, public utility facilities, residential areas etc. Get the benefit of quality services in small construction and maintenance of civil maintenance in Qatar.





What We Do

Fire Alarm System

Our Sister company Called Carecom is in the market for around a decade. Carecom is an ELV System Integrator and one of the specialists in Fire alarm and fighting systems in the Qatar Market.

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Al Qimma Security System is equipped with Specialist people such as Engineers, Technicians and Assistant technicians in Security Surveillance technology.

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We bring you the Communication devices and equip your premises to connect to the outside world through an internet connection. Our team is specialized in these works.

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Want to Know More About Our Services?

Let us assist you with a complete range of world-class ELV and security systems supply, installation and management services of CCTV, Access Control & Attendance, Vehicle Tracking, Fire Alarm, Fire Fighting, Public Address, Telephone & Data, HDPE liner etc.