Access Control & Attendance System Supply, Installation and Maintenance 

Access Control & Attendance System Supply, Installation and Maintenance Qatar

Businesses are switching to modern ways and terms of operations. People find quick and easy solutions as the best alternative to complement their fast-paced lifestyles.

Our Access control & Attendance systems authorise the safety and security of your business will help you monitor operations by giving limited access to the business by enabling face recognition biometric access. Access cards etc.

We have complete access control solutions for fundamental to complex technology systems based on your company’s requirements.

Our security specialists will analyse your business and understand your demands to foster a framework that meets your necessities.

We Supply, install and maintain Access Control machines and Attendance machines in Doha, Qatar. Let us help you to choose the best system in the market with an affordable budget.

Here are some of the tools in access control systems.

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Access Cards:

Access control frameworks permit you to require access permission to enter designated premises in your business. This guarantees your office’s safety and security necessities are met with utmost precision, unlike conventional security frameworks. A unique code is embedded in each card. Access Cards are mostly in the compact size of a credit card, easy to fit in a wallet or pocket.


Access cards are read electronically with the help of readers in access cards. They are often assorted as insertion or proximity readers. You can install readers at the side of the door where safety is a priority.

Electric Lock:

The hardware that is used to electrically lock and open every access control framework is known as an electric lock. Electric locks, electric strikes, electromagnetic locks, escape devices etc are other examples of electric lock devices in access control systems.

Field Panels for Access Control:

Field panels for access control are placed in every office where access control is required. Card readers, electric lock equipment, and other access control gears are attached with the field panels for access control.

Access Control Server Computer:

The complete functioning of an access control system is controlled by the access control server. It acts as the central control system and manager of all database records and files. Documentation and transmission of the information through the system are carried out by the Access control server computer.

Why Choose us as Your Access Control & Attendance System Provider in Qatar? 


MOI Approved

Our Access control and Attendance systems follow MOI Qatar approved mandatory rules and instructions while installing Access control and Attendance systems for your offices in Qatar.


Improved Security

Our certified engineers, specialists, and technicians offer you the best professional Access Control & Attendance Systems ensuring maximum security for your Office. Access Controls let you keep a track of your employees’ check-in and checkout timing.



Make your workspaces efficient with Access Control and Attendance Systems automation with superior quality from Al Qimma within a constrained budget.


Advanced Technology

We use advanced technology methods in our Access Control and Attendance Systems. This makes us the obvious choice in Access Control and Attendance systems service providers in Qatar.


24x7 Customer Support

Our Customer service team will stay connected with you before, during, and after the installation of your Access Control and Attendance Systems. You can enquire about the supply, installation, and maintenance with us 24×7 a week.



We promise a standard warranty period on all our Access Control and Attendance systems to ensure quality control and 100% customer satisfaction. Keep track of your employees login with the best Access Control systems provider in Qatar, Al Qimma Security Systems!


Free Consultation

Our team of trained professionals will provide you with a free consultation session about everything you need to know about Access Control and Attendance Systems before deciding on which system works best for your requirement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the Access Control System work when power is out?

The access control system works if there is a backup UPS system in case of blackout.

2. Can an access control card be used for other applications?

Yes, access cards can be used for other functions.

3. Can I manage/edit an access card details remotely?

Yes you can manage/edit access card details.

4. Can access control cards be personalised?

Yes, access control cards can be personalised.

5. Are access control systems limited to doors?

Access points are certainly not limited to doors. Turnstiles, barriers and even traffic lights can be included.

6. Do you have a fingerprint scanner with your access control systems?

Yes. You can choose for a fingerprint scanner in your access control systems with us.

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