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The Future of CCTV Camera in Qatar

For all of your security requirements, Carecom offers integrated, cutting-edge systems and equipment. Carecom is the world’s top manufacturer and provider of CCTV camera systems and surveillance solutions. In Qatar, Carecom provides a comprehensive range of CCTV systems services. We also take care of all of our clients’ CCTV installation, servicing, and maintenance needs. Carecom is the best CCTV system supplier in Qatar for small and large businesses. We are your go-to source for security systems with over ten years of industry experience.

We offer comprehensive installation and maintenance services for CCTV security systems that adhere to all mandatory guidelines set forth by the Ministry of Interior’s security system department in the State of Qatar. We, in excess of a decade of experience in Qatar as a provider of comprehensive security systems, offer your company an all-inclusive CCTV surveillance system that complies with the Qatar Ministry of Industry’s directives. A firm with room to grow must integrate CCTV systems in a cost-effective and efficient manner to meet safety and security requirements.

Whether a facility is being used as a place of business or dwelling, a CCTV camera must be installed. Even if our staff is reliable, our techs are continually weird. Therefore, we must have excellent surveillance for the things that matter most to us. We could monitor your home while you are away or on vacation if you have a CCTV installation in Qatar. Despite the widespread belief that it won’t make a difference, CCTV systems, especially in Qatar, have been shown to improve a property’s security considerably.

Providers of CCTV security camera systems in Doha, Qatar. A MOI-approved provider of home security system installation and upkeep services in Qatar. Global service and product promotion are our specialties. We are among the leading suppliers and distributors of security cameras in Qatar, one of the few CCTV companies with MOI-approved CCTV camera systems. Now that you’re probably wondering what MOI is and why it matters so much let us give you a quick explanation!

CCTV Installation Provided by Us

Our CCTV security camera in Doha, Qatar for home and surveillance systems comply with all the mandatory rules and regulations imposed by the security system department of MOI, Qatar. After primary consultation, we carefully study your needs and requirements to provide the best-customized surveillance system that matches your expectations.

We offer Supply, Installation and Maintenance of the following services


IP Cameras (Indoor & Outdoor)

Motion Detectors

Security Cameras (Day & Night)

Pan-tilt-zoom Security Camera

Wireless Surveillance Camera

CCTV Camera and Equipment

Why Choose AL QIMMA as Your CCTV Service Provider in Qatar?

MOI Approved

Our home CCTV security systems designs follow the updated guidelines by MOI Qatar to avoid any sort of objections while installing your security systems for your business premises in Qatar.

Best Surveillance

With ample experience in CCTV home security systems along with certified engineers, specialists and technicians, we offer you the best professional security system suitable for your requirements.

Diverse Options

Al Qimma supplies a wide range of CCTV security systems to choose from based on the area of the premises, quality of display, voice recording systems etc. Whatever your surveillance requirements are, we will give you the perfect solution for it!

Advanced Technology

We use the latest surveillance technology in our security camera installation, recording device integration, software management and all the other networking components. The advanced technology approach makes us prominent among the security service providers in Qatar.

24x7 Customer Support

Our Customer service team will stay connected with you before, during and after the installation of your CCTV security systems. You can enquire about the supply, installation and maintenance of your CCTV systems with us 24×7.


We promise a  standard warranty period on all our CCTV systems in order to ensure quality control and 100% customer satisfaction. Secure & Monitor your business with the best CCTV Systems provider in Qatar, Al Qimma CCTV Security Systems!

Free Consultation

Our team of trained professionals will educate you with a  free session about what you need to know about CCTV & security systems before deciding on which system works best for your requirement and also comes under your budget. 





Frequently Asked Questions

Is it mandatory to acquire approvals from the ministry to install CCTV in Qatar?

Yes. It is mandatory to get approval from the Ministry of Interior, the State of Qatar for listed businesses having public footfall and financial transactions.

Will you complete the necessary formalities for installing CCTV for us?

Yes, we will complete the necessary formalities for installing CCTV.

Does your CCTV have night vision?

Yes, our CCTV has infrared night vision.

Can I access live CCTV camera visuals remotely from my mobile?

Yes, you can access live CCTV camera visuals remotely from your device. Remote viewing is not permissible for businesses that need to follow MOI guidelines.

Can we record and keep the data saved with your CCTV?

Yes, you can record and keep the saved data in the hard disk which comes with the system.

Can CCTV cameras work without WiFi?

Yes, CCTV cameras work without WiFi.

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Let us assist you with a complete range of world-class ELV and security systems supply, installation and management services of CCTV, Access Control & Attendance, Vehicle Tracking, Fire Alarm, Fire Fighting, Public Address, Telephone & Data, HDPE liner etc.


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